Becoming a Champion Runner: Competing with the Heart-Mind of a WarriorBecoming a Champion Runner: Competing with the Heart-Mind of a Warrior

Without question, a runner's mindset can have a dramatic effect upon performance. In this presentation, Jerry Lynch shares with you mental training tools to assure you that your mindset is one that positively enhances your performance. In a candid discussion with a group of runners, Lynch explores common mental roadblocks that runners experience including confidence in competition, the importance of desire in performing, how to take successful training runs into competition, how to stay mentally strong and positive during a race, the importance of process vs. outcome based goals, overcoming fears that certain opponents present and mental strategies for focus and confidence in competition. In each of these areas, Lynch offers practical mental training solutions to help overcome the specific mental obstacles that you may be experiencing. In addition, Lynch demonstrates a series of activities that reinforce the idea that positive thinking truly does impact an athlete's performance and resolve to compete. This DVD is a must have for the serious runner looking to take his/her running to the next level!

64 minutes. 2008.

Becoming a Champion Runner: Competing with the Heart-Mind of a Warrior DVD - $39.99

Mental Strategies for Physical Injury: A Coach's & Trainer's Guide to Managing Wounded AthletesMental Strategies for Physical Injury: A Coach's & Trainer's Guide to Managing Wounded Athletes

There are two kinds of athletes: those who are injured and those who will become injured. In the competitive arena, even the smallest injury can be absolutely devastating to an athlete - both physically and mentally. In this presentation, Sport Psychologist Dr. Jerry Lynch is joined by other professionals (coaches and trainers) who are not only charged with asking him the important questions that are on every coach's mind, but who also share their own wide range of experiences with injured athletes within their athletic programs. Lynch's insight and expertise is based on his interactions with thousands of athletes throughout his career. He sheds light on the emotional, mental and psychological components of the injury process in an effort to minimize and cope with the unavoidable injuries that arise. In addition, he shares his suggestions for the treatment of injuries, no only physiologically, but psychologically as well. Lynch, with the help of other professionals, provides you with the tools you need to create a positive, proactive management plan to help an injured athlete heal physically and mentally.

70 minutes. 2008.

Mental Strategies for Physical Injury: A Coach's & Trainer's Guide to Managing Wounded Athletes - $39.99

THE WAY OF THE CHAMPION Series for Coaches and AthletesTHE WAY OF THE CHAMPION Series for Coaches and Athletes

In this incredible series, Sport Psychologist, athlete, international speaker, corporate consultant, and author Jerry Lynch shares a complete guide predominantly for coaches (and also athletes) to help them help their athletes learn and develop the habits of champions. Lynch's credo is that of developing "A Champion's Soul with a Winner's Heart", and shares concepts and hands-on activities with teams that will afford a coach the blueprint for teaching how to implement and maintain a team culture for accountability and commitment in order to help the team attain its highest potential. Disc #1, "Having the Right Stuff" is the cornerstone of this 5 DVD series that provides the base upon which all of the other presentations are built.

"Jerry Lynch presents specific, practical lessons for mental toughness, leadership and winning as a champion."
- Coach Dean Smith, University of North Carolina, National Basketball Champions

DISC 1: The Way of the Champion - HAVING THE RIGHT STUFF - $39.95

DISC 2: The Way of the Champion - DEVELOPING SELF-AWARENESS - $39.95

DISC 3: The Way of the Champion - DEVELOPING STRATEGIC POSITIONING - $39.95


DISC 5: The Way of the Champion - DEVELOPING TEAM UNITY and LEADERSHIP - $39.95


THE WAY OF THE CHAMPION - Having the Right Stuff

THE WAY OF THE CHAMPION - Having the Right Stuff

Are you looking for a way that helps you structure team meetings more effectively? Would you like to help your athletes to become mentally stronger? Do you want to learn how to inspire your athletes to play their very best?

This FIRST DISC in this series will help you to address these desires and enable you to help your athletes develop the "right stuff" of champions. Dr. Lynch teaches how the true nature of a champion lies not only in one's mind but in one's heart as well.

"This DVD has really given me the tools and strategies to strengthen my mind. I feel so mentally tough with the RIGHT STUFF."
- Rachel T., basketball, Arizona

"I really love Jerry's techniques of the CIRCLE, the meditations and mental focusing strategies for my soccer athletes. It adds a new dimension to my coaching."
- John B., Soccer coach, Ohio

1. How to use The Circle as an effective team meeting device
2. Ways to help your team decrease anxiety, regulate emotions, strengthen focus
3. How to help the athletes to be mentally tougher and accelerate learning
4. Ways to teach athletes how self-inspiration can facilitate good performance
5. To understand the concept of readiness as it relates to athletes progression
6. How to help athletes become ready to learn from your coaching


THE WAY OF THE CHAMPION - Developing Self-Awareness

THE WAY OF THE CHAMPION - Developing Self-Awareness

Are you and your athletes TIRED OF HAVING REGRETS? DO YOU WISH THAT YOUR ATHLETES HAD A BETTER SENSE of THEIR CAPABILITIES? Would you like the ATHELTES TO KNOW what they like least about themselves competitively and how to change those things?

Then this, the SECOND DISC in this series, will help you help your athletes to become more self-aware. You will learn how to develop the ability to get on the same page with your athletes in order to have greater influence with them, thus creating a stronger environment of trust and respect for you as a coach. Knowing yourself as a person and athlete is more important than knowing your opponent. This DVD on self-awareness deals with the athletes looking at themselves to maximize their potential.

"Jerry Lynch is a friend who has given me information to help myself help my athletes."
- Phil Jackson, Coach of World Champion L.A. Lakers

"Once I became more aware of who I was as a coach, I was able to help my athletes, thanks to Jerry's work, to become more aware of themselves for greater results."
- Pat M., Softball Coach, Southern California


7. How to help athletes become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses
8. Ways to help your players get stronger within
9. To teach your athletes how to write their own competitive story and to live it to their fullest
10. How to show athletes how to change their personal dislikes to positive attributes for greater success
11. How to help athletes change self-talk to boost confidence and performance
12. To help athletes compete without regrets


THE WAY OF THE CHAMPION - Developing Strategic Positioning

THE WAY OF THE CHAMPION - Developing Strategic Positioning

Are you interested in having your TEAM BELIEVE that their event is won before it even begins? Does your team get off to a SLOW START and find themselves in the uncomfortable position of playing catch-up? Do your ATHLETES STRUGGLE with taking their game up a few notches? Does your team have a DIFFICULT TIME taking criticism and LEARNING FROM MISTAKES?

In this THIRD DISC on Strategic Positioning, Jerry addresses these issues and more. According to Jerry, a major concept in strategic positioning is to understand that competition is a process. Goal driven athletes tend to focus on the result while being oblivious to the day-to-day process. The first activity, "Sending a Message", kicks off this session. When you show up to compete your opponent looks at you and what is seen will often determine the outcome. The purpose of the exercise is to effectively and efficiently send a strong message to your opponent about your intent. Jerry teaches athletes how to ensure their message is sent and received through visualization and affirmation, two critical components of strategic positioning. The next activity is called "Checking In", used within 24 hours after competition. Its purpose is to give the team concrete ideas for improvement. Champions need positive and constructive critique, even after victory. By specifically defining the areas of improvement, athletes and teams can take steps toward improvement and ultimate success. Activity three, "Raising the Bar", is designed to increase the intensity of practices. Athletes focus on what they are willing to start doing that differs from their normal routine. This exercise helps athletes see that the only thing keeping them from dynamic positive change is themselves.


13. How to pave the road to victory with tactical strategic positioning
14. To prepare your team so that the competition is won before the battle begins
15. How to send your opponent a strong message about your team's intentions
16. How to conduct positive, productive post-game team meetings
17. To help your athletes raise the bar in each practice session and competition


THE WAY OF THE CHAMPION - Developing A Competitive Advantage

THE WAY OF THE CHAMPION - Developing A Competitive Advantage

Are you frustrated with your team's LACK OF BELIEF in themselves? Do they FAIL TO DEVELOP or create the CRUCIAL EDGE they need in order to dominate? Do your athletes seem to LACK HEART when they compete? Are they not as consistent as they need to be due to LACK OF MENTAL TOUGHNESS?

Then you need THIS DISC on the Competitive Advantage. According to Dr. Lynch, your opponent's greatest advantage is your team's lack of belief in its ability to do its best. In this DVD, Jerry shares his strategies to help you to help your athletes create the crucial edge over the opponent. Learn to understand the important message of self-doubt and confidently face each day of competition. Demonstrating heart is essential every time athletes put their feet on to the playing field. The first activity, "Heart from the Start", done in small group settings, discusses the characteristics of tough teams such as work ethic, composure, resiliency, confidence, aggressiveness, and passion. Jerry teaches athletes how to create mental toughness from the list they've assembled through the practice of meditation and affirmation. "Little Stream, Big River" is the second activity. From little streams come big rivers is a motto for Jerry because of the tiny mountain streams that eventually become a huge, powerful river. Some of the more controllable items include being punctual, mental preparation, rest, diet and hydration, work ethic, intensity and attitude. To cement these mentally, Jerry instructs athletes to use mental tools of meditation, visualization and affirmation. Little things are elements that permit teams to become victorious in the end. The final exercise asks, "What is it that you bring when you are at your best?" Developing a competitive edge is about what we have to do to bring our best to the game.

"Dr. Lynch has helped us develop the Competitive Advantage through seven consecutive National Championships."
- Cindy Timchal, Coach of Maryland Women's Lacrosse


18. Get your team to play with more heart and believe in themselves
19. Help your team develop the competitive edge and be more mentally tough on a consistent basis


THE WAY OF THE CHAMPION - Developing Team Unity and Leadership

THE WAY OF THE CHAMPION - Developing Team Unity and Leadership

Is your team LACKING IN LEADERSHP? Do the ATHELTES FAIL TO UNITE for a common purpose? Does SELFISHNESS INTERFERE with GETTING THE JOB DONE? Do any athletes on your team FEEL UNAPPRECIATED? Is a LACK OF TEAM COHESION causing them to fail?

Then you need to view this DISC #5 on Unity and Leadership. All great championship teams have a oneness of unity and purpose, as well as sound leadership throughout the ranks, according to Jerry Lynch. In this disc, Dr. Lynch will help your team to develop and use the right strategies for total team leadership. In addition, he provides several activities you can easily implement with your team in order to create harmony, unity and cohesion throughout.

"Because of Dr. Lynch's techniques and wisdom, I have been able to develop a culture of excellence with my program. His approach to creating a family atmosphere with the athletes is easy to execute and beneficial to results."
- Andrew P., Coach, Oregon

"Brilliant in its simplicity and rich in content. Dr. Lynch helped us to win 5 National Titles."
- Bob Hansen, Coach, University of California, Santa Cruz


20. To identify and implement the essential qualities of true leaders
21. How to develop a strong, unified bond with your team
22. To create common goals and purposes among your athletes
23. How to eliminate defeating behaviors and increase those that enhance team unity
24. To conduct strong team building exercises used by champion collegiate and professional teams coached by Dr. Lynch
25. How to help athletes learn how to trust the process