Let Them Play: The Power and Joy of Mindful Parenting, by Dr. Jerry LynchLet Them Play:

The Power and Joy of Mindful Parenting  

American youth sports are in crisis: Parents are fighting with referees, coaches, their kids, and one another. Micromanaged kids are losing their passion to play. In Let Them Play sports psychologist and team consultant Dr. Jerry Lynch provides an antidote to parental overinvolvement. Combining psychological insight with spiritual principles from Taoism and Buddhism, Lynch lays out core principles to help parents achieve equanimity and provide healthy direction for their kids. He gives parents strategies and tools taken from his work with national champions to help kids to perform at higher levels, become better team players, and most im- portant, have more fun. Filled with easy-to-implement advice, Let Them Play will empower your athletic child to be mentally strong for sports and life.

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“Having been a parent of athletic kids, I wish I had had a copy of this book to guide me through those challenging times with youth sports.” – Phil Jackson, author and eleven-time NBA world champion coach “This book is my new blueprint for raising my own happy, healthy athletes, and it should be yours too.” – John o’Sullivan, founder of the Changing the Game Project

“Let Them Play will help you to inspire and empower your kids to have more joy, fun, and success not just in sports but in the bigger game of life.” – Anson Dorrance, coach of the twenty-two-time NCAA champion women’s soccer team at University of North Carolina

Coaching with Heart by Dr. Jerry LynchCoaching with Heart:

Taoist Wisdom to Inspire, Empower, and Lead in Sports & Life 

A new breed of coaches is emerging in the world of athletics—men and women who insist on culti- vating strong, healthy relationships where respect and integrity are forged. These extraordinary leaders have discovered that the way to be a success is not to just to win games but to win relationships, the single most vital aspect to effective coaching in sports. This calls for an intimate dance between coach and team, a give and take where each can teach what needs to be learned in order to fulfill the tasks at hand.

Coaching with Heart is a provocative and practical “game changer” in the shifting landscape of coach- ing in athletics and life. Inside, you will awaken to the power of caring, to the magic of being stronger by being softer, to the value of failure and the need for risk, to the positive effects of a culture of unity and cohesion as you cultivate loyalty and dedication to your system. The book will also demonstrate and teach how the Taoist virtues of respect, trust, compassion, belief, and integrity are essential quali- ties cultivated by every truly successful coach and leader throughout the world.

In this book, Jerry Lynch shares wisdom he has accrued in his thirty-plus years “in the trenches,” where he has had the opportunity to work with, talk to, observe, and learn from some of the most respected and effective coaches of all time, such as Phil Jackson, Pat Summit, Dean Smith, Tara Vanderveer, John Wooden, Bill Walsh, Anson Dorrance, Tony Dungy, Bob Hansen, Cindy Timchal and Missy Foote.

Coaching with Heart will assist you to step outside the box in your leadership endeavors whether as a coach, mentor, teacher, CEO, military officer, church clergy, or parent. It is filled with practical, useable gems that will help you to guide others to practice, play, and live with the heart of a champion.



“Jerry is a wise and trusted friend who happens to be one of the nation’s top authorities on leader- ship and coaching in sports. His input has had a very positive influence in helping me and other coaches at Carolina to create environments that inspire athletes to go the distance and reach their potential. This book will definitely make a difference in your coaching as well.”
– Anson Dorrance, Head Women’s soccer coach, University North Carolina, 21 NCAA National Championships—Winningest women’s soccer coach of all time

“Having played for several incredibly dynamic coaches during my career, I embrace Jerry Lynch’s message in Coaching with Heart, a book about inspiration not just in sports but in life, family, goals, and desires. My favorite coaches were the ones who understood Jerry’s ideals and strived to connect with me on a human level. That’s what this book is all about.”
– Steve Kerr, Former 5X NBA World Champion with Bulls and Spurs, NBA TV color commentator and analyst.


Spirit of the Dancing Warrior:

Asian Wisdom for Peak Performance in Athletics and Life  


Here is the perfect book for all coaches,athletes and leaders who wish to deepen and expand their relationship with athletics, business or life. This masterful blend of Eastern thought and Western Psychology will help to open your heart to this special connection between the physical and the spiritual as they relate to performance in all arenas of life.This approach offers a system of practical spiritual training through the use of daily meditation and inspiration that leads to greater awareness,wisdom and simultaneously , greater levels of physical experience. Let your physical life become a conduit for spiritual growth and change as you begin to compete and play with heart on your journey of personal and collective excellence. The spiritual vitamins in this book will supplement your athletic soul,boost your warrior spirit and infuse your physical self with extraordinary vibrancy,excitement and joy. Improve your performance and awareness not only in sport but in all of life.


1. From Ordinary to Extraordinary

2. From Mindfulness to Warriorship

3. From Buddha to Bob Marley

4. From God to the Games

5. From Thinking Body to Dancing Mind

6. Gratefulness

7. From Sole to Soul

8. Beginner's Mind

9. From Tao to How

10. Mastery

11. Integrity

12. Simplicity

Hidden Field Hidden Field



"In this magical book, the authors have brought wisdom from the East down from the lofty clouds by distilling it into 52 Warrior virtues that will inspire and guide you to evolve your life experiences from ordinary to extraordinary."
– Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D. author of Bodymind

"This brilliant yet simple book is always within my reach.I rely on it to keep me on track,not just in golf but in all my life. Great stuff".
– Vijay Singh, PGA Tour Champion.


The Way of the Champion by Dr. Jerry LynchTHE WAY OF THE CHAMPION:

LESSONS FROM SUN-TZU'S The Art of War and Other Tao Wisdom For Sports and Life - $18.95 


Although this is a perfect book for all coaches in all sports, providing specific, practical material that can be used with an entire team to raise their level of strategy, leadership and winning, it can also be used to benefit individual athlete's performance, taking themselves to the next level.

Martial artists, great warriors, coaches, generals, and successful corporate CEOs effectively use the strategies for winning found in Sun Tzu's Art of War. Author Jerry Lynch, using lessons from The Art of War, as well as other ancient Taoist books such as the I Ching and Tao Te Ching, teaches readers to develop the capacities and qualities that make a champion - such as high self-esteem, courage, fortitude, determination, perseverance, tenacity, self-awareness, integrity, the ability to take risks, and the ability to learn from failure. The emphasis on self-awareness, tactical positioning, and strategic advantage means that practitioners win through inner growth and self-improvement - giving them a universal competitive edge.


1. Knowing Your Opponent as well as Self

2. Getting to Manage Emotions

3. Readiness Training

4. Coping with Adversity

5. Virtues of Champions

6. Team Harmony

7. Leadership

8. and much more



"In his book, The Way of the Champion, DR. LYNCH IS RIGHT ON TARGET, presenting specific practical exercises for mental toughness, leadership and winning as a champion." –
– Coach Dean Smith, University of North Carolina basketball champions


Thinking Body, Dancing Mind:

Taosports for Extraordinary Performance in Athletics, Business, and Life - $18.95  

1. Is your head preventing you from becoming a winner?

2. Do you suffer from slumps, choking, psych-outs, runaway emotions, negativity or a lack of confidence?

3. Do you perform better in practice than at "game time" when it counts the most?

4. Do you consistently underachieve in your performance arena?

In the tradition of The Art of War, The Book of Five Rings and Timothy Gallwey's revolutionary The Inner Game of Tennis, comes Thinking Body, Dancing Mind.

Jerry Lynch makes Zen principles and strategies for achievement and excellence accessible to people in all walks of life - and shows how to turn these strategies into effective tactics for immediate success in athletics and fitness regardless of level or age.

Here are the secrets of legendary warriors and strategians that have been practiced for more than two thousand years - timeless principles of craft, skill, and timing of will power and indomitable spirit - that result in victory. Thinking Body, Dancing Mind's Taoist teachings about concentration, focus, centering, intuition, and practice are both philosophic and practical. The book provides numerous mental exercises and techniques, ethical guidelines, visualizations, and affirmations, which the author calls TaoSports, that any reader can use to succeed.

This is now a perennial best seller in seven languages and is found in the locker rooms of athletes in the NBA, NFL, NLL, and NCAA collegiate champions and at the high school level of sports as well.


1. Fear of Failure

2. Slumps

3. Perfectionism

4. Confidence

5. Balance

6. Goal Setting

7. Mental Tactics

8. Motivation

9. Positive Thinking

10. Unlimited Beliefs

11. Courage

12. and much more 


"This book helped me to get back in touch with my golf game."
 Annika Sorenstam, LPGA Champion

"Thinking Body, Dancing Mind was a life changing kind of book to say nothing about what it did for us athletically."
– The Swiss National Skydiving Champions


Working Out, Working Within:

The Tao on Inner Fitness Through Sports -$18.95  

1. Would you like to be mentally strong and spiritually alive in sports or fitness?

2. Would you like to overcome negative pressure and remain calm during performance?

3. Does your head get in the way of you being your best?

4. Are you in need of a new, exciting approach to the old way of performing in sport or getting in shape?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this book is for you!

Whether an elite athlete, weekend jogger or exercise fanatic, read this book and see how Zen meets The Zone in Working Out, Working Within, a guide to combining physical fitness and athletics with spiritual awakening. During physical training, we can experience something deeper than just the burn of working out. We can achieve spiritual awareness and know that we are alive and healthy. 

This book offers readers techniques and suggestions to avoid fixating on winning the game, scoring the goal, or building the perfect body. Our personal workouts become tools for personal transcendence as we get to know ourselves, test our limits, gather personal strength, and build physical potency. Working Out, Working Within will nourish and exercise the spirit while showing readers what "ultimate" sports and living really are.

In the words of Phil Jackson, coach of the NBA Los Angeles Lakers pro basketball team, "Anyone who works their body (fitness or sports) will benefit from Jerry's book."


1. The Power of "I Can"

2. Effortless Effort

3. Risk-taking

4. Goal Setting

5. Simplicity

6. Patience

7. Passion

8. Facing Fear

9. Integrity

10. Modesty

11. Inner Stillness

12. Dancing with the Deer



"Brilliant in its simplicity, rich in its content, this book is right on the money for any coach or athlete looking for a complete athletic and fitness experience."
- Bob Hansen, Head Coach, University of California, Santa Cruz
Five Time NCAA Men's Tennis Champions