Performance Specialist Spiritual Guide and Sports Psychologist Dr. Jerry Lynch, helps people of all ages and abilities in all arenas of performance to develop the essential core spiritual traits and qualities of courage, integrity, fearlessness, tenacity, patience, persistence in order to overcome mental and emotional blocks. Using a rather unconventional approach by combining Eastern Thought (Buddhist, Taoist), Native American Tradition and western psychology he is able to help you and your team to create confidence, mental strength, inspiration and empowerment for competitive events and to better navigate the unchartered waters of life. Dr. Lynch divides his time between two offices, one in Santa Cruz, California and the other in Boulder, Colorado. His phone consultation services allow him to work with clients nationwide where ever he may be.Dr. Lynch's workshops, clinics and speaking engagements will give your team, club, organization, athletic department or corporation inspiration, motivation, and skills to COMPETE WITH HEART and be consistently successful. Consider the following for your group:

Dr. Lynch's workshops, clinics and speaking programs will give your team, club, organization, athletic department or corporation inspiration, motivation, and skills to COMPETE WITH THE HEART OF A WARRIOR and be consistently successful. Consider the following for your group:Whether it is a motivational talk, banquet address, or keynote presentation at a convention on the subjects of Leadership, Coaching and Performance, and COMPETING WITH HEART, you will feel Jerry's passion and be inspired to begin your journey to greatness on the field, court or in the boardroom.

He will lead your team to implementingthe 11 core values that drive winning using the principles of Eastern philosophy,sports psychology , and Native American tradition as he has with so many of my championship level teams at Maryland, Duke, North Carolina , Stanford, University of California, Oregon State, Harvard, Middlebury and many others.


Dr. Jerry Lynch speaking at a conference in Germany
Dr. Jerry Lynch speaking at a conference in Germany

For Athletes: Using the books Thinking Body, Dancing Mind and Way of the Champions, he will help you:

  • To experience peak performance and develop the spiritual qualities of courage,fearlessness,commitment,patience and poise for all of life.
  • To avoid mental traps such as choking and slumps.
  • Develop a mental and emotional set for motivation and peak performance.
  • Build self-confidence.
  • Think like a winner and perform mentally tough.
  • Stay calm in the clutch and rebound quickly from mistakes and bad breaks.
  • Learn the mental toughness strategies of Olympic medallists.
  • Develop winning concentration.

For Parents, using his best seller Let Them Play, he will help you:

  • Help your child in youth sports to build self-confidence,courage,fearlessness,integrity,
  • Help your child overcome fear, blocks, choking, and slumps and be better prepared for the game of life through what they learn from
  • Learn how to best help your child reach his/her athletic and life
  • Avoid the performance-destroying mistakes that too many parents
  • Learn the principles of peak performance and how to use them with your
  • Know what to say when your child fails and how to help them rebound quickly from these

For Coaches: Using my books Coaching With Heart and Creative Coaching will help you to build strong team culture where athletes compete with heart

There is a new breed of leaders and coaches emerging in the exciting world of athletics, men and women who insist on cultivating strong, healthy, dynamic relationships in emotionally safe environments where deep caring, respect, integrity and love are forged. These extraordinary leaders have discovered that the way to be a success is not to win games but to win the relationship game, the single most vital aspect to effective, prosperous coaching in sports. They realize that in order to be effective they need to have much love in their hearts.

Here in his books, he has managed to adapt the wisdom of his experience as well as these timeless and honored ancient strategies that will assist you in stepping outside the box with your leadership endeavors, whether as a coach, mentor, teacher, CEO, military officer, church clergy, parent and anyone who serves in a leadership capacity or aspires to do so. Learn practical, useable gems that will guide you to guide others in environments that will inspire, empower and help those you lead to prepare, practice, plan, play, compete and live with the heart of a champion.

Dr. Lynch's "in the trenches" wisdom has been accrued from his opportunity to work with, talk to, observe and learn from some of the most respected and effective coaches of all time. Coaches such as Phil Jackson, Pat Summit, Dean Smith, Tara Vanderveer, John Wooden, Bill Walsh, Anson Dorrance, Tony Dungy, Bob Hansen, Cindy Timchal and Missy Foote to name a few. Each of these iconic leaders has taught him what it takes to coach with heart. They all have reailzed the importance of cultivating deep bonds and relationships with their athletes. I draw much of my understanding about leadership from this illustrious pool of coaches.

He believes that the single most vital aspect to successful coaching is the quality of the personal relationship between athlete and coach. When you demonstrate that you are truly invested in your athlete's success, they are more inclined to be motivated and self-confident. When you communicate your belief in them, they are more inclined to "go the distance," to do all that you ask, to take appropriate risks and to get going when the going gets tough. Athletes dont care about what you know, they just want to know that you care. John Wooden once said, "There's a great deal of LOVE in my coaching."

With a strong positive relationship, you can ask your athletes to do all it takes to improve and they will oblige accordingly, provided you let them know that you have confidence in their ability to do it. They need to know, also, that if they fail, you will be there to help them to learn from the setback and help them eventually master it.

In addition to his coaching conferences and on site clinics, you might want to sign up for individualized phone or skype sessions as part of his "Coaches Coach" program. It can help you:

  • Work with, inspire and empower athletes who struggle, choke, slump, and lose self confidence.
  • Instill motivation, spiritual strength, courage, fearlessness, integrity, tenacity, persistence and mental toughness.
  • Know the do's and don'ts for pre-game focusing and psyching.
  • Use the winning principles of sports psychology to elp you to peak performance and get your athletes to compete with HEART.
  • Train your athletes to be willing to go the distance through all adversity.
  • Know how to get parents to work with, not against you.
  • Understand the secrets of slump-busting and snapping losing streaks.
  • Teach your athletes to play in important games like they do on any day of practice.
  • Know how to develop a close-knit, cohesive, winning culture and team.
Doc J at the Esalen Institute in California

Over the last 30 years, I have worked intensively with professional, collegiate and high school teams in ALL SPORTS. I specialize in team building and cohesion and help them to develop a unique culture of playing and competing with HEART. During this period, I have been intimately connected to over 50 teams at Duke, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington, Colorado, Stanford, Iowa, California (Santa Cruz), as well as teams internationally. I have been a close part of 54 Final Four teams with 36 going on to win the National Championship.

Give your athletic organization a lasting educational and motivational boost with one of my sports psychology, peak performance and motivation workshops. As a nationally known expert in the field of applied sports psychology and the sport psychologist for numerous NCAA National Championship teams and individual athletes, I SPECIALIZE IN HELPING TO TAKE YOUR TEAM TO THE NEXT LEVEL, to be spiritually sound (courage, fearless, tenacious, persistent, poised),mentally tougher and able to overcome slumps, choking, and blocks to peak performance.

I offer my leadership, coaching, sport psychology, mental toughness workshops at your site and will teach your athletes practical, easy-to-learn skills which will help them better handle the pressure of competition, bounce back from failure, concentrate on what's important and block out everything else, mentally prepare for big competition, develop confidence and much more!

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