Dr. J can guide you and/or your team to develop mental, emotional and spiritual talent and perform like a winner, being the best you can be. Also, Dr.J will be able to help you and/or your group to develop a culture of Leaders and Coaches who can inspire, empower and influence those they lead. 

In 3 to 5 sessions, DR. J will have you back on track and performing up to your potential. I TAILOR ALL OF THE BEST KNOWN STRATEGIES, TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES KNOWN TO SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY TO YOUR SPECIFIC needs in order to help you navigate the blocks, slumps and choking that curtail your best performance. As your personal performance coach, I am here for you as needed.

Vijay Singh
"I rely on Jerry to keep me on track for being my best in golf and all of life." – Vijay Singh,PGA Tour Champion

When you compete and perform:

• Do you maintain motivation?

• Are you your worst mental obstacle?

• Does your head get in the way of peak performance?

• Does negative thinking cause you to slump, choke, and lose self-confidence?

• Are fears stopping you from going to the next level?

IF YOUR ANSWER TO ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS is "YES" THEN I KNOW I CAN HELP YOU. AS AN INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED expert in the field of applied sports psychology, I specialize in working with athletes in ALL sports and at EVERY LEVEL to help them get the very most out of their physical skills and ability. As your very own head coach, I can teach you how to get unstuck, develop mental toughness and avoid future mental traps.

If you have performance concerns or you are consistently not achieving to your potential call me today at 831-234-5606, the office of WAY OF CHAMPIONS.

Sports Psychology Can Help You To Get Mentally Tough

Most performance problems that athletes and other performers struggle with are not a result of poor conditioning, inadequate coaching or a lack of physical skills or technical ability. Sure, these physical or mechanical factors can sometimes cause sub-par play. However, when the heat of competition is turned up high, the individual performer or team that falls apart most often does so because of mental factors like fear, loss of self confidence, low motivation, runaway nervousness, intimidation, poor concentration, negativity, or an inability to let go of mistakes or bad breaks.

Yet how much time do you as an athlete, performer or coach spend on these mental and emotional issues and developing the mind of a champion? If you're a committed, dedicated performer or coach, then you work too hard and sacrifice too much to let your own or your team's competitive performance be disrupted by mental errors. The work of Dr. J is just what you need to get your performance or team back on the fast track!

Steve Kerr & Jerry Lynch
Steve Kerr consults with Jerry Lynch

To realize your full human capacity as an athlete or performer, you have to start training your mind and heart. Just as you develop physical skills and techniques, you must learn to develop these skills as well.  Learning to stay relaxed under pressure, in what I call "good nervous." Having the ability to focus on what's important and block out everything else. Being able to quickly rebound from mistakes, bad calls and failures. Knowing how to handle self-doubts and negative thinking. How to mentally rehearse for an upcoming performance. How to motivate yourself by setting personally meaningful and compelling goals. Being able to recognize the mental traps that are lying in wait for your and knowing how to avoid these. How to systematically develop confidence and a positive, go-for-it attitude.

You can learn to master these performance skills and make them part of your peak performance arsenal. Let me help you to discover some of the most powerful and comprehensive performance training tools available. I've helped thousands of athletes and other performers like yourself bust out of slumps, develop confidence, better handle competitive pressure, master negativity and self-doubts, and perform at peak performance levels. Let me help you.

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