Kobe Bryant hoisting the NBA Championship trophy

Champions share many characteristics, none of which are determined by their talents. Here are some of those characteristics. How many of these statements also describe you and your life?

  • A champion has the courage to risk failure, knowing that setbacks are lessons to learn from.
  • A champion uses an event to gain greater self-knowledge as well as feedback on physical improvement.
  • A champion trains their thought processes as well as their body to produce a total approach to performance.
  • A champion understands their athletic weaknesses and trains to strengthen them.
  • A champion actively creates a life of balance, moderation and simplicity - values that help improve running and life.
  • A champion views competetors as partners who provide challenge and the chance to improve.
  • A champion understands performances are like a roller coaster, with many ups and downs, and that you have to accept both the good and the bad.
  • A champion enjoys sport for the simple pleasures it provides.
  • A champion has vision. A champion dreams of things that haven't been and believes they are possible. A champion says "I can."