Way of Champions Logo

My business Logo is the Chinese character for WARRIOR. Since there is no word for champion in Chinese I use the two interchangeably. All warriors are champions and vice versa. This is a powerful, profound logo whose meaning goes beyond simply identifying my company. While it is easily recognizable in my national network in the field of athletics, it also identifies my purpose, my belief, my way and the culture I create. It represents the "WHY" factor of my work...and that is to make a difference, to change the status quo of sports, to be a servant to others helping them to compete and coach with heart, to be something other than ordinary as they navigate not only the game of sport but the bigger game of life. It is a symbol for all this as well as my 11 core values that drive winning in a culture of champions. 

Let's begin with the Chinese character. Notice the warrior's arms busting out of the red box. You can also see the legs at the bottom stretching wide open to break out of the confined box. Inside the red box, notice how all is black and white...this is myopic vision and thought. For example, functioning inside the box when we see things as black and white we believe that all loss is bad, soft is weak, opponents are our enemies, more is better. The real Champion thinks outside the box... loss is our greatest teacher, soft is often strong, opponents are our partners providing a chance to see how good we really are, and less is often more. Such outside the box thinking is emblematic of the way of the warrior and how Champions perform day to day.

You will notice that when the warrior breaks out, transformation occurs...  things go from black and white to gray, the zone of being open , ready and poised to battle freely without fear. He expects nothing and yet is ready for anything. He learns from those losses and becomes stronger as a result. 

Notice, too, how the box is red. In Chinese, the color red means transformation and fire. In life, anything that contacts fire transforms. But like all change in life, all evolvement, all greatness requires some pain, suffering, hard work. So the warrior knowing this, approaches the fire, works hard, feels the pain and comes out the other side transformed and able to compete at a higher level. All greatness in sports ( and growth in life) demands that you work hard and the results will come. The box being red also symbolizes love and passion and heart. When you have these three ingredients present in whatever you do, you are able to persist, persevere and believe that all is possible on your personal and collective journey of discovering your greatness. The transformed champion is now represented by being totally engulfed in the love, passion and belief of the red circle...completely gray, able to see options, alternatives and experience the freedom to go beyond society's limitations and obsolete ways of thinking.

Calligraphic art work in Logo was drawn by world renowned artist, Tai Ji master, Taoist philosopher, dear friend and co-author on several of my books, Chungliang Al Huang.