The symbolism of the CIRCLE in our culture is inexhaustible. Here are some relevant ideas that give you a sense of the symbolic vastness of this ancient geometrical figure as used by Buddhist,Taoist,Celtic and Native American traditions for thousands of years.

We believe that this sacred symbol is perhaps more relevant today than ever as it is emblematic of our 11 Core Values that drive winning championship cultures. This concept is deeply represented by the video of this Harvard men's soccer program who have embraced the Way of Champions philosophical tenets and apply these to their everyday life. 

As my teams gather in our sacred circle we open our hearts to become aware of the symbolic CIRCLE POWER:

~ Know that it represents a universal, divine, mystical journey with no ending.

~ We get a strong sense of unity, inclusivity, wholeness, strength, "just us". US = United Souls.

~ There is the sense of ONENESS, one heart, soul, mission, goal

~ The center is empty... reminds us to clear the mind and be open to vast possibilities

~ We can see each in the circle each other's circular eyes, the windows to the soul. 

~ There is a spiritual energy component standing together ready for battle.

~ Look up and we encounter stars, moon, sun...all circles of cosmic unity.

~ It's the protective boundary, not to be penetrated by opponent or the unwanted 

~ Yin Yang is circular, encompassing the whole of all duality...Loss is Gain, Less is More, Soft is Strong.  

AND, As we gather together, let our symbolic circle enable us to play and compete, coach and work with heart, AND...

~ Develop a unified agreement to agree to winning the day following our mission.

~ Make the group imperative a priority, being present and mindful together.

~ Create a warm, tolerant and safe space that is conducive to being our best.

~ Know that regardless of designated roles, we are all wise and valued mates.

~ Change all negative chi to positive and silence our limited beliefs.

~ Reconnect from our hearts and give to each other the gift of selflessness.

~ Focus less on the task and concentrate how to BE not what to DO.

~ Be fearless, mindful, tenacious, courageous, patient, and compassionate.

~ Come closer in friendship aware of the power of your influence.

~ Catch each other doing something right at least once a day.

~ Gently open the door to your heart and explore the great potential within.