Doc J. at his Santa Cruz home

Why I Do What I Do

MY WORK AND LIFE ARE DEVOTED TO THIS---- WHY I continue to work after all these years is simple:

1) I wish to make a difference by inspiring others to do things that inspire them,so that we all can change the world of athletics.
2) I wish to change the status quo of leadership,athletics and all the obsolete methodologies
3) I wish to serve others and empower them to believe they can be something other than ordinary
4) I wish to give back to others for all that I gratefully have been given in this lifetime

This focus on my WHY is an awesome reminder for me how to be more vulnerable, authentic and genuine ( easy sometimes to get sidetracked), leading to solid, refreshing relationships in all aspects of my life. My "Why" is my mission, my purpose, my belief and raison d'etre, what gives me meaning in my life.

Because of my clearly defined purpose, when I embody this "why", I can inspire and empower others. The motivation piece always comes from inside others not from me. Because of this clarity of purpose, others buy-in, not to what I do or say ( they will forget what I do or say)... they buy into my "why"... which is how I make them feel and they never forget that. What I do and how I do it serves as the reflection, or proof, of my "why"... the what and how are the results of that "why". My purpose, my "why" never changes but the how and what I continue to research, write, learn and be honored to have work that illuminates the path.

Having said all this, know that for Way of Champions (WOC) to continue to fulfill its "why factor" (the above Big 4), may I respectfully suggest that we all do everything we can to encourage each other to EMBODY these purposes of WOC . We must be the change we ask others to be. We must consider ways to demonstrate in our teaching process how we can be connecting, loving, giving, serving, inspiring, empowering,affirming during the work that we do. We must embody the message by "BEING" the very coach, teacher, mentor, guide that we are actually talking about while we are teaching. We need to find multiple ways to personify our "why", connect with others and be the leaders we want our seminarians to be. Then we not only disseminate our important information, we actually model it so as to help others to "FEEL" what it's like when they are being led in this way.

By so doing, there will be immediate payoff and the audience will access the tools to achieve their greatness.This is how we empower everyone we reach and touch. This a level of richness that I aspire to and I am no where near that (perhaps never) after all these years. Every time I work I push the boundaries of my potential, take risks and let myself be seen, be vulnerable and this is how effective I am as a result. At times I may preach my vision to others but it's when I have the courage to LIVE it right there in the moment that I am most effective. When we physically embody our purpose, we begin to truly INSPIRE and EMPOWER. This is very special and more people are realizing that this is the way to win the relationship game and be more effective in our process of helping and serving others.

This approach requires enormous courage to show up and be seen, to show up and discard the masks (podiums, large desks, stages, titles, degrees, books written, championships won etc.) we may think we need to do good work only to realize the good work comes from no mask at all, to have the courage to be whom we are asking others to be. This is my greatest challenge. I know what to do and how to do it but it's when I stay connected to others (using my purpose or "why'), take the risk to be vulnerable and embody what I teach that miracles happen, sea change occurs, work is joy, people are amazing.

If I were to be asked ,"why should we work with you", I would confidently respond that the work I am doing today is better than what I was doing a month ago. And the work I will be doing in a month, is better than what I am doing today. This is so because I am connected to my "why". At this time in life, I am my best teacher, best coach, best partner,best husband and dad of all time. If you do not believe me, then I would say that I am not better. Because of this "heart-set", I believe that my work invites more trust, respect, loyalty, creativity, optimism, connection, innovation and love.