"Over the years I have had the opportunity to stay informed by Jerry Lynch. Information that makes a difference in helping me and my athletes reach our potential. Our minds and hearts are in harmony. We both agree that it's about the spirit of the endeavor that creates the menaing in Athletics. 
 Coach Phil Jackson, Coach of the Chicago Bulls and L.A. Lakers, Eleven time NBA World Champions

 "Jerry is a wise and trusted friend who happens to be one of the nation's top authorities on leadership and coaching in sports. His input has had a very positive influence in helping me and other coaches at Carolina to create environments that inspire athletes to go the distance and reach their potential."
– Anson Dorrance, Head Women's soccer coach, University North Carolina, 5x National Coach of the Year, 21 NCAA National Champions, Winningest women's soccer coach of all time

Dr. Jerry Lynch consults with Steve Kerr
"Having played for several incredibly dynamic coaches during my career, I embrace Jerry Lynch's message in COACHING WITH HEART, a book about inspiration not just in sports but in life, family, goals and desires. My favorite coaches were ones who understood Jerry's ideals and strived to connect with me on a human level." – Steve Kerr. Head Coach of World Champion Golden State Warriors

"Our team culture has truly being re-shaped and re-molded with your wisdom and guidance, thank you. We all feel honored to have had you work so closely with BUFHA. Our personal growth as coaches from your work will continue to benefit the program, we have REALLY enjoyed working with you, and having you work with our teams." 
–Coach Sally Starr, Head Coach, Boston University, Coach Tracey Paul, Assist coach, Boston University

"Jerry's wisdom has helped guide me through my work, both as a coach and now as a Director of Athletics. His workshop and conferences provide practical skills and knowledge for being an effective coach as well as providing spiritual guidance that creates transformational leaders and teams."
– Erin Quinn, Director of Athletics, Middlebury College, 2011-12 National Directors Cup Champions

 "No other person has had more influence on my 36 years of coaching than Jerry Lynch. Whenever I need wisdom, insight or inspiration, I look to Dr. Lynch. His work never fails to address the truly essential elements in coaching, that, which is interacting with the heart. 
– Missy Foote, Head women's Lacrosse coach, women's AD at Middlebury College, 6 NCAA National Championships, 7X National Coach of the Year, 2012 USA Lacrosse Hall of Fame

"Jerry Lynch is right on target with his specific, practical lessons for leadership,coaching and winning as a champion in sports and the bigger game of life"
– Coach Dean Smith, University North Carolina Basketball National Champions.

"My success in Lacrosse and in life has been directly and positively influenced by the wisdom and work of Dr. Jerry Lynch. His words present powerful strategies to help open all of our hearts as well as those of your athletes. He's the REAL deal." – Cindy Timchal, Head Lacrosse Coach, US Naval Academy, 8 NCAA National Lacrosse Championships, The winningest coach in Div 1 Lacrosse, National Lacrosse Hall of Fame

"Jerry Lynch is among the most influential sports psychologists of our time and his books should be on the shelf of every coach and leader. He offers insights that are inspirational and enduring, as well as stimulating and practical. He is an important voice to the profession of coaching."
– Dr. Cory Dobbs, President and CEO, The Academy of Sport Leadership

"Jerry has had a profound positive influence in my personal and professional life for over 20 years. I have witnessed his work with numerous coaches and athletes achieve striking results. His Leadership training, development of team culture and coaching expertise is unparalleled and makes the athletic and coaching experience even more compelling, relevant and enjoyable." 
– Bob Hansen, Head Tennis coach at Middlebury College, 34 NCAA Team and individual National Championships

"Dr. Lynch is a fantastic addition to our inspiring Leadership Summit. We are honored and privileged to have him join us presenting a keynote talk on Leadership with Heart. We ordered 135 copies of his books for our senior executives."
– Craig Cheek, VP and GM of NIKE/Greater China

"At the University of North Carolina, we aim to exhaust the potential of our student athletes in the physical, emotional and spiritual arenas of their lives. Jerry has been instrumental in helping us build an approach where we can coach and compete with heart while inspiring authentic growth in those we lead. He provides you with insight and wisdom from his years of experience, affording you the opportunity to kick your coaching up a few notches."
– Jenny Levy, Head women's Lacrosse coach, University of North Carolina, 2013, 2016 National Champions

Dr. Jerry Lynch and Kareem Rush
Jerry playing pool with Pro NBA Basketball athlete, Kareem Rush

"Working with Dr. Lynch has helped my coaching and our culture to climb several notches in just two years. Our athletes, because of this growth in leadership, are competing at a whole new level. Coaching has become so much more enjoyable. We feel we are truly teaching our athletes to become leaders for life through sport. His "way" is worth living every single day."
– Kit Veta, Head women's soccer coach, University of New Mexico, 2X Mountain West Conference Champions

"What impresses me about Jerry is his never ending searching fervor in continuing to probe and dig into the intrinsic, simple and practical application of the seemingly unfathomable wellspring of TAO wisdom to his work with althetes, leaders and coaches throughout the world. He is a true believer in thepower of the heart and how that impacts all that we do and who we are. I continue to marvel at his childlike wonderment."
– Chungliang Al Huang, Author of pernnial best seller, "Embrace Tiger, Return To Mountain", Calligraphic Artist, Tai Ji Master, President and CEO of Living Tao Foundation

University of Maryland Lacrosse team won 7 National Championships using Dr. Lynch's Way of Champion strategies.

"I rely on Jerry to keep me on track for being my best in golf and all of life."
– Vijay Singh,PGA Tour Champion

'"Jerry Lynch transforms the world of athletics into a sacred space in which to absorb practical life lessons and ageless wisdom for inspiration and success."
– Michael Murphy, athlete and author of Golf in the Kingdom